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Shanxi Credit magnesium Co., Ltd., as one the leading companies in Chinese magnesium field, has achieved great-leap-forward development, with a turnover of about 700 million per year, the total export amount of $300 million and tax contribution of RMB50 million, is the key export enterprise in Shanxi Province, and continuously ranked at the top in magnesium export in Chinese magnesium industry. We have taken leading in obtaining certificates of ISO9001 quality management system, environment management system and safety management system. We joined China nonferrous metals industry group on April 23, 2010, passed Reach certificate on November 30., 2010, was honored with the partnership award in 2012 and the Nominee for quality and service award by Rio Tinto in 2013. We entered into the automotive supply chain of Volkswagen and BMW in 2014 after obtained the T/S16949 certificate from TUV, we became one of the strategic partners of Meridian in 2015 and our materials has been successfully used for mass production of Land Rover’s front and back brackets. We have irreplaceable advantages of resources in production and marketing, our team have built a production and marketing platform and got customers’ recognition after many year’s management with hard work.

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Product center

We own a professional team which has been engaging in magnesium smelting and management for more than 17 years. We have gained our particular experiences and technological achievements in promoting Pidgeon process and production cost control. Especially we are at the industrial-standard level in controlling the metal impurities of Si, Al, Mn, Fe, etc.

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Production Advantages

Our total capacity is 40,000 tons per year, and currently our yearly output is 35,000 tons. We can r...

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Cost Advantages

We own a professional team that had been engaged in magnesium smelting and management for more than ...

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Brand Advantages

Now we have established long-term and strategic partnership with many well-known enterprises at home...

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Quality Advantages

We can offer magnesium and alloy new materials from 100g to 650kg in different shapes and size, for ...

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Service Advantages

We keep our promise during products manufacturing and team management. Our beliefs are credit, respo...

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Dolomite Advantages

With a reserve of over 200 million tons, our dolomite mine is 8 kms always from our plant. High-qual...

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